Pepsi Max needed a brand campaign to strengthen its position as a low carb energetic drink for active people.

The graphics I created visually decline the brand mantra – “Live life to the fullest!” – by expressing motion and speed.

Bucharest Ring – City Challenge Race was a Formula 3 race in Bucharest, in 2008.

It was organized by FIA GT together with the Romanian Auto Club and it attracted a huge crowd.

They needed a corporate brochure to present the event to potential sponsor companies, businesses and VIP guests.

Sloop is a smoothie brand in Romania, with a fresh and laid back tone of voice. We were in charge with creating social media graphics

One of the social media campaigns started from the insight that the brand consumers, corporate employees mostly, count the days till Friday, each week.

SLOOP wanted

Paganotto needed some inspiring posters for a promotion they ran in coffee shops.  So, we came up with a witty copy and a sensorial visual, to entice the coffee shop clients to have a coffee, without pointing any kind of „special offer” tag in their faces.

I worked with the Money Channel on several show campaigns and a few MC brand campaigns.

The one on the left is a poster for The Business Laws TV show while the one on the right is a print ad promoting the TV Station and its never-ending news (which took

We worked with KFC to localize their campaigns in Romania and to create some particularly for our market.

Some of them include: the new spicy chicken wings recipe, promotional menu, the i-Twister campaign, holiday sweets promotion.

For Ferrari, we worked on the PR campaign for the 458 Speciale A, nominated the Cabrio of the Year in 2014, by Top Gear.

We also designed the nomination layout and the press e-vite for the private model launch.


We worked with Ernst & Young on a micro employer brand campaign, targeting the existing employees using posters on-the-premises as well as potential senior candidates and partners using print ads in economic and financial publications.

Hotpoint, a sub-brand of Ariston home appliances, needed a campaign to communicate the extended warranty for all appliances bought in 2016.


We chose to take it closer to a brand campaign and make a creative leap from the brand tagline: „Durable ideas for your home”. We used

OmniMind, an NGO that helps unlock human potential, needed an identity for  their Basketball competition. Here are a few logo variations we proposed for the 360 Basketball project, and a derived logo for the Highschool Basketball Competition.

Inspiration: the symbol (the player)