Pepsi Max needed a brand campaign to strengthen its position as a low carb energetic drink for active people.

The graphics I created visually decline the brand mantra – “Live life to the fullest!” – by expressing motion and speed.

Sony Xperia Z3 was launched in 2014 and the company set out to make it the best-seller smartphone from Sony.

That is why they needed more than a product campaign, the classic device & benefits, but a brand campaign to inspire people.

Solution: We launched a print campaign that would

Romfilatelia is the Romanian stamp company, producing various collections of stamps and postcards, which can be explored on their website.

They needed a campaign to communicate their celebration of Bucharest collection.


Bucharest used to be nicknamed “The Little Paris” for its architecture and monuments and

OmniAsig, the Viennese insurance group, celebrated 20 years on the Romanian market and needed a celebration campaign & special logo design to communicate that.

Our 20 years logo proposal started from the idea of safety net that OmniAsig represents, which I later declined in a 3D kind of pattern, in

OVI, the internet services offered by Nokia starting 2007, needed a campaign to communicate this new service brand in Romania.

The campaign focused on the music functionality of OVI and featured famous Romanian singers: INNA, Akcent, Alex Velea and Blaxy Girls.

We was in charge with the graphic design of

I worked with the Money Channel on several show campaigns and a few MC brand campaigns.

The one on the left is a poster for The Business Laws TV show while the one on the right is a print ad promoting the TV Station and its never-ending news (which took