Pepsi Americas organizes annually a prom with a social mission and they needed a visual to inspire & invite people to the fort edition.

I played upon the dancing steps to recreate the Pepsi logo in a clean and elegant manner.

Sloop is a smoothie brand in Romania, with a fresh and laid back tone of voice. We were in charge with creating social media graphics

One of the social media campaigns started from the insight that the brand consumers, corporate employees mostly, count the days till Friday, each week.

SLOOP wanted

5 Gum needed a brand campaign to push sales in Romania. It needed to be more of a brand image campaign so I worked the graphic design starting from the powerful packaging.

Brand headline: Ice needles storm on the face, in the desert

The design also develops on this

OVI, the internet services offered by Nokia starting 2007, needed a campaign to communicate this new service brand in Romania.

The campaign focused on the music functionality of OVI and featured famous Romanian singers: INNA, Akcent, Alex Velea and Blaxy Girls.

We was in charge with the graphic design of

Mercedes is a truly premium brand not only consumer-wise, but also in terms of handling its brand assets – it was a bliss (of order and discipline) working for them.


Using brand photography available in their assets portal, we worked on outdoor and print campaigns to communicate

Romanian lottery needed an inspiring ad to trigger nostalgic players into giving it one more shot.

Playing on the nostalgia, I designed this layout in a vintage advertising rhethoric.

Copy: Don’t go, unless you’re taking luck with you.

We worked with KFC to localize their campaigns in Romania and to create some particularly for our market.

Some of them include: the new spicy chicken wings recipe, promotional menu, the i-Twister campaign, holiday sweets promotion.

Hotpoint, a sub-brand of Ariston home appliances, needed a campaign to communicate the extended warranty for all appliances bought in 2016.


We chose to take it closer to a brand campaign and make a creative leap from the brand tagline: „Durable ideas for your home”. We used