Studio amps, synths and VSTs

Preamps and cabinets. We can have this dinosaurs for real of emulated.

Bogner® Extacy

Bogner® Uberschall

Budda® Twinmaster

Diezel® VH4

Fender® Deluxe Reverb®

Fender® Tweed Deluxe Reverb®

Fender® Bassman®

Fender® Tweed Champ®

Fender® Tweed Wide Panel Deluxe Reverb®

Fender® Mini Twin

Fender® Mini Twin Reverb®

Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb®

Fender® Vibroverb 6G16

Fender® Dual Showman®

Marshall® 1974X

Marshall® JCM 2000

Marshall® JCM 800

Marshall® JTM 45

Marshall® Plexi Super Lead

Marshall® Super Bass

Marshall® Major

Gibson® Combo

Gibson® Explorer®

Gretsch® 6156

Gallien-Krueger® 800RB

Hiwatt® DR-103


Vox® AC-30 Top Boost

Vox® AC 30

Vox® AC-15

Peavey® 5150 MkII

Roland® JC-120

Roland® Jazz Chorus 120

Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®

Mesa/Boogie® Mark IIc

Supro® S6616

Supro® ‘62 Thunderbolt

Silvertone® ‘67 Twin Twelve

Soldano® SLO-100

SWR® SM-500

You can have in your recording the sound imprint of some giants like Nord, Roland, Korg, Mogg, Yamaha, Dave Smith.

Access Virus Ti

Arturia® Origin

Korg® MS-20

Korg® M1

Korg® Polysis

Nord® Wave

Nord® Lead

Oberheim® OB12

Roland® VP-770

Roland® Juno Stage

Waldorf® Q Classic

Yamaha® Tenori

The Mics

Neumann TL102

Studio Projects C3, T3

Sennheiser MD 441


AKG C414

AT 4040

Shure SM57

Shure SM7

You can use a variety of VSTs, AIs or RTASs, with care and moderation, for mixing in the box.

SPL Transient Designer

SPL Passeq

SPL TwinTube

SPL Vitalizer

SPL FreeRanger

Waves api550A

Waves api550B

Waves Center

Waves BassRider

Waves VocalRider

UAD Pulltec

UAD Fairchild


KORG MonoPoly

KORG Synthesiser

IK Multimedia Amplitube

IK Multimedia Ampeg

Spectrasonics Trilogy

Spectrasonics Atmosphere

Izotope Iris

Izotope Ozone

Izotope Vinyl

Izotope Trash

tc electronic M30 Reverb

lexicon Reverb