Sloop smoothies: social media assets

Sloop is a smoothie brand in Romania, with a fresh and laid back tone of voice. We were in charge with creating social media graphics

One of the social media campaigns started from the insight that the brand consumers, corporate employees mostly, count the days till Friday, each week.

SLOOP wanted to give them an energy boost, packed in some funny messages.

Sloop 5 days layouts 8istudio


  • Monday seems a booey day, 2 Sloop with mango and peaches for a gnarly day.
  • Tuesday’s said to have 3 evil hours, 2 Sloop with beet and pomegranate and you’re out of trouble.
  • Wednesday, such a boring day, 2 Sloop with carots and and mango and you’re good to go.
  • Thursday, just a bit and here comes the weekend, grab 2 Sloops with cherries and bananas and it’ll be sooner.
  • Friday, it’s finally here, 2 Sloop with cocoa and pineapple for a bigger blast

Another SM campaign was based on the insight that the brand target (secretly) enjoys reading the horoscope, even if to make fun of it.

Sloop horoscope 1 layout 8istudio Sloop horoscope 2 layout 8istudio Sloop horoscope 3 layout 8istudio Sloop horoscope 4 layout 8istudio Sloop horoscope 5 layout 8istudio

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