Romfilatelia: nostalgic campaign

Romfilatelia is the Romanian stamp company, producing various collections of stamps and postcards, which can be explored on their website.

They needed a campaign to communicate their celebration of Bucharest collection.

Romfilatelia poster 1 8istudio Romfilatelia poster 4 8istudio


Bucharest used to be nicknamed “The Little Paris” for its architecture and monuments and this is what the campaign was based on.

We chose a nostalgic approach, to appeal to all those remembering older times in Bucharest. Romfilatelia’s target are mostly people in their 50s, stamp collectors, lover of old print materials.

Romfilatelia poster 2 8istudio Romfilatelia poster 3 8istudio Romfilatelia poster 5 8istudio Romfilatelia poster 6 8istudio

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