Carrefour: waste collection campaign

Carrefour Romania partnered with Sigurec, the largest recyclable waste collector, for a waste collection campaign in one of the hypermarket’s parkings.

They needed a flyer to communicate to Carrefour clients that waste does not need to go to the waste land, because it is really easy to make sure they get recycled. Clients would also get some money for waste they bring.

This first proposal uses more the Sigurec brand imagery – waste illustrations, recycling symbols.

Carrefour Sigurrec flyer inner 8istudio 1


Carrefour Sigurrec flyer inner pages 8istudio 2


The second proposal uses a more environmental design. Both proposals feature recycled paper patterns.

Carrefour Sigurrec flyer mock up 8istudio 2


Carrefour Sigurrec flyer outer pages 8istudio 2


Carrefour Sigurrec flyer outter 8istudio 1

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