Adobe NO Campaign

This year I was super excited to participate in D&AD’s New Blood Awards, on the Adobe brief.

Together with Raluca we came up with a list of life learnings that we later on grouped under the creative concept “The Power of NO”. Read more about our process and creative concept here.

We started off with a few sketches:



Those were soon to evolve into these:

wip 3 WIP 4


After a while, our first design was ready… in 3 variations:

The power of no 1_var a (1) The power of no 1_var a (2) The power of no 1_var a (3)


I then played with this graphic concept in 2 other layouts:

Print Print


And, even if it was optional, we decided to work some motion graphics, a 30 sec video that would further explore the concept and empower creatives and makers to only take up the worthy things that come their way:

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